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Tenders From United states

Sector :

Notice Of Intent To Award Sole Source To Portexa

  • Ref No: 446446378
  • Deadline: 14 Aug 2019

Sector :

Brand Name L-acoustics Speaker Parts

  • Ref No: 446446377
  • Deadline: 15 Aug 2019

Sector :

Supply Of Urolift System: Ul400-4

  • Ref No: 446446376
  • Deadline: 14 Aug 2019

Sector :

Maintenance For Blood Gas Analyzer

  • Ref No: 446446374
  • Deadline: 15 Aug 2019

Global Tenders

Sectors : Oil and Gas Product and Equipment

Procurement Of Regasified Lng

  • Estimated Cost: [Estimated Cost]
  • Ref No: 445866625
  • Deadline: 09 Aug 2019

Sectors : Energy, Power and Electrical,Engineering, Infrastructure and construction

450 Mw Combined Cycle Power Plant At Port Qasim Karachi

  • Estimated Cost: [Estimated Cost]
  • Ref No: 443843475
  • Deadline: 03 Jun 2019

Sectors : Industry,Railways,Infrastructure and construction

Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Hangzhou East Station Holographic 3d System Construction

  • Estimated Cost: CNY 195.10 Million
  • Ref No: 446443789
  • Deadline: 03 Sep 2019

Sectors : Services

Support The Government Of Mayors In Sub-saharan Africa" Initiative

  • Estimated Cost: EUR 336379
  • Ref No: 446443495
  • Deadline: 09 Sep 2019

Sectors : Telecommunications

Mobile Display, Lighting And Analysis Systems At Dalian Maritime University

  • Estimated Cost: CNY 32.10 Million
  • Ref No: 446443054
  • Deadline: 04 Sep 2019


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The Manufacturing Industry is broad and diverse. You will find within our website, Contracts Awarded for Manufacturers in the Sectors listed below. The Manufacturing Industry is second only to Infrastructure and Construction in terms of the total number of Contracts Awarded listed.

Chemical Projects

Africa is the world's second-largest and second most-populous continent, after Asia. The continent is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, both the Suez Canal and the Red Sea along the Sinai Peninsula to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Consultancy Projects

Asia-PacificorApacis that part of the world in or near the WesternPacific Ocean. The area includes much ofEast Asia,Southeast Asia,AustralasiaandOceania. The Asia Pacific is a region of great diversity.

Manufacturing Projects

Europe is the world's second-smallest continent by surface area. Europe is the third most populous continent after Asia and Africa. As a continent, the economy of Europe is currently the largest on Earth and it is the richest region as measured by assets under management. Europe's largest national economy is that of Germany, which ranks world's fifth-largest economy.

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With large and well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service sectors, Brazil's economy outweighs that of all other South American countries and is expanding its presence in world markets.

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Canada's economy is both mature and diverse, benefiting from an advanced services sector, an abundance of natural resources, sound management and free trade agreements.

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The worlds second largest populated country, India, is the apple of the eye for the world now. The world economies are seeing it as their potential market. India has been one of the best performers in the world economy in recent years. The economy of India is the fourth largest in the world.


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