Cote Dlvoire Contracts

Cote d'Ivoire is highly dependent on agriculture and related products and is among the world's largest producers and exporters of coffee, cocoa beans and palm oil. The economy is greatly affected by international price fluctuations and weather conditions. The countrys economic growth, which was favourable despite its vulnerable nature, was interrupted and severely hampered by political upheaval. Among secondary economic activities oil exploration and refining is primary, followed by natural gas distribution. Cote dIvoire has reserves of petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, manganese, gold, bauxite, diamond, nickel and copper. Foodstuff, capital equipment, and fuel are the main imports of Cote dIvoire. France, Nigeria, Germany, USA, Netherlands, China and Burkina Faso are the overseas trade partners of Ivory Coast.

Cote Dlvoire In Sub Region

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