Southern Africa Projects

Southern Africa is the southernmost region of the African continent, variably defined by geography or geopolitics. Within the region are numerous territories, including the Republic of South Africa (a successor country to the Union of South Africa); nowadays, the simpler term South Africa is generally reserved for the country in English. The region is distinct from the rest of Africa, with some of its main exports including platinum, diamonds, gold, and uranium, but it is similar in that it shares some of the problems of the rest of the continent. South Africa has the most advanced economy on the African continent. While South Africa is a dominant force (reliance on South African imports ranges from 35% to 90% among the other countries of the region), DRC and Angola are large countries with huge untapped resources. Most countries in the region depend on exports of primary commodities.  Intra-regional trade in 2006 represented only 9% of the regions overall trade. Agriculture is a key element of growth and livelihoods across the region.

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